Review: Stitches

It seems safe to assume that clowns became “scary” in the mid-1970s, when John Wayne Gacy, branded “The Killer Clown,” murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men. 35-plus years later, director and co-writer Conor McMahon makes them funny again in Stitches, a horror-comedy about a grease-painted balloon folder who returns from the dead to exact revenge on the kids whose taunting inadvertently caused his death six years before.

Aiming for a gruesomely silly vibe that plays like equal parts American Pie and Evil Dead 2, Stitches preys on teenage foibles and clown clichés alike, offering mostly solid if not quite cult-classic-level fun.

Ross Noble plays Stitches, a drunken lout who dies in a bloody kitchen accident after kids at a birthday party decide they don’t like the performance he’s giving. Some six years later, birthday boy Tom (Tommy Knight) still cowers in fear at the prospect of seeing anyone in clown make-up,
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