Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan Get it on in Scary Movie 5 Clip

I get the feeling Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan only show up briefly in David Zucker’s “Scary Movie 5″. Just long enough to toss in some jokes about how Charlie is a whoremonger and Lindsay is a bit of a troubled freakazoid, collect their paychecks, and skedaddle. Wouldn’t it be ironic if this clip is the duo’s entire appearance in the movie? Hey, beats digging ditches, right? Anyhoo. Here’s a sneak peek clip from “Scary Movie 5″, featuring everyone’s favorite gossip princess and the guy who used to be on “Two and a Half Men” but is now on that other show. Three dancers — one veteran performer and two upstarts who are also best friends — vie for the lead in a new production from a snooty, aloof, imperious, and oversexed director. “Scary Movie 5″ also stars Ashley Tisdale, Kate Walsh, Molly Shannon, Heather Locklear, Craig Bierko,
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