Katie Couric’s Hair: Color From A Box, Inspired By Jennifer Aniston

She may have her very own day time talk show, but that doesn’t mean Katie Couric is high maintenance! She revealed on her April 3 show that her hair color comes from a box!

Even the rich and famous go back to the basics sometimes! On the April 3 episode of Katie, Katie Couric admitted she uses Clairol hair color — from the box! And the celeb who inspires her pretty shade? Jennifer Aniston!

Katie Couric’s Hair Color — From A Box

After a viewer asked her what her exact hair color was, Katie made a joke.

“Well I’d like to know why you think I color my hair!” Katie laughed.

“Actually I think the brand is Clairol grey busters. Thanks so much Clairol for that lovely name. And I think it’s dark golden blonde mixed with medium neutral blonde,” Katie explained. “And all I know is I try to
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