Music in Film: Stoker, Maniac, Cloud Atlas, Broken

Feature Ivan Radford 4 Apr 2013 - 06:47

In his latest Music in Film column, Ivan has a listen to some of the finest soundtracks to appear this year so far...

What do John Carter and Maniac have in common? Unlikely male heroes, wooden supporting cast and spring release dates aside, they both have excellent scores.

In fact, February/March is fast becoming my favourite time of year for unexpected film music treats. 2012 gave us Michael Giacchino’s epic sci-fi score to John Carter, Mark Mothersbaugh’s fun 21 Jump St, the charming Hunky Dory, and Jónsi’s (of Sigur Ros) lovely We Bought A Zoo. Here are some scores that you might not have noticed this year, which are all worth a listen.


Who is the mysterious composer "Rob"? No one really knows. Does he have a wife? Is he a she and is "Rob" actually short for "Roberta"? Perhaps
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