Review: Room 237

Stanley Kubrick is one of the all time great filmmakers. 2001: Space Odyssey and the subject of analysis here, The Shining, are regarded as works of art. In Room 237, viewer interpretations are taken to such extremes that in reference to any other filmmaker besides Kubrick, some of the theories passed in this film would be deemed preposterous without hesitation.

However, because the focus is on such an esteemed auteur, you’ll find yourself nodding in concurrence as if the veil covering your eyes were suddenly pulled. Room 237 is an example of art being seen from the eye of the beholder.

Interpretation is an open book and the introduction of Room 237 displays those many chapters in the form of the proposed theories of explanation. Rodney Ashcer directs in the shadows, offering a stream of ideas without much interaction with the different speakers. Ashcer regards everything as fact and
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