Exclusive: Meet Thanos’ Henchman In Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

What’s poppin’ cool kids!

With casting currently underway on Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, we it got on good authority that Basil Sandhurst aka The Controller will be one of the bad guys in the upcoming film.

I’m told that The Controller will act as Thanos’ main henchman and ambassador. Does this also mean that we will be seeing Thanos himself in the film? With Guardians Of The Galaxy being the last standalone Marvel film that leads into The Avengers 2, I think that is a strong possibility.

A supervillain in the Marvel Comics, The Controller specializes in mind control and is frequent foe of Tony Stark. In researching The Controller, he has interacted with many characters that already exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark for starters, Shield agents Jasper Sitwell and Maria Hill, and Iron Man 2 baddie Justin Hammer.

From Wikipedia…

The Controller designed his armored exoskeleton,
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