Thale Movie Review

Thale Movie Review
Title: Thale Director: Aleksander Nordaas Starring: Erlend Norvold, Jon Sigve Skard, Silje Reinåmo, Morten Andresen Supernaturally tinged Norwegian mystery-horror import “Thale” unfolds, on a narrative level, like some weird hybrid of “Sunshine Cleaning,” “Splice” and “Lady in the Water” — a work that dances around a couple moods and genres without ever really wholeheartedly committing to one in particular. Telling the story of a surprise woodland contact between a pair of guys and an awakened, captive huldra — a nymph-like creature of Scandinavian folklore — writer-director Aleksander Nordaas’ work gives off a certain eerie vibe that, along with its regional specificity, add up to give the movie a pungent originality. [ Read More ]

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