The Missing 'Jack Reacher' Explosion and 7 Other Trailer Baits and Switches

Advertising is a bait and switch culture, no question. So many commercials for movies often create a false impression, whether its selling a movie about cancer as a raucous comedy or taking the few moments of action from a lame thriller and making it look like "Die Hard."

Sometimes a trailer just plain old doesn't have the scene in question, and The Telegraph reports that this led a customer known only as "J Congdon" to post a complaint to New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority in regards to one split-second explosion left on the cutting room floor of Tom Cruise vehicle "Jack Reacher."

"The explosion where the whole cliff comes down was the defining part of the ad that made me really want to go see the movie ... aside from having Tom Cruise in it," Congdon said in his complaint, which undoubtedly took hours to place.

Paramount responded to the New Zealander,
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