Courtney Stodden Finally Landed Her First Nude Shoot, But It's Not How You Pictured It

  • TooFab
Unless you pictured Courtney Stodden's first nude shoot as a weird horror thing with a rotting corpse for a co-star, that is. And if you did picture that, then you probably have some bigger issues to work out.But this is it, friends! Courtney's very first nudey mag wasn't "Playboy" or "Hustler," but the exceedingly creepy "Girls and Corpses." Can you believe it?! And not only is it her first time posing nude, but it's also her first time posing nude in a wedding-themed shoot where she's the bride and her groom is a big oozy dead dude! The good news just won't stop coming!By the way, on the magazine's (obviously Nsfw) site, they describe this whole thing as "18 year old corpse bride Courtney Stodden in the Nude with her rotting groom Doug Graves." Doug Graves! You can't make this stuff up!You can pre-order Courtney's gift to the world now,
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