WWF: Is The New Dx Army The Last Shot For Dominance Over WCW?

This past Monday on Raw Is War, the World Wrestling Federation went through a little bit of the regeneration following Wrestlemania 14 and the departure of Shawn Michaels as the leader of the miscreant militia known as D-Generation X, replenishing its ranks with a new army. Under the guise of the new leader Triple H, their new lewd crew and rude troop claims to bring the war the front lines of the WWF and beyond. But is this the last stand of the degenerates? In wrestling, reforming groups after the original has gone it’s course is never really a good thing. I.e. the Four Horsemen in WCW or in Ecw The Triple Threat or Raven’ s Flock.

Sometimes you can’t go home again. It’s ironic, though I say that as Sean Waltman, otherwise known as 123 Kid previously in the WWF and most recently Syxx in WCW, made

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