Hugh Dancy Talks 'Hannibal'

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Hugh Dancy Talks 'Hannibal'
Hugh Dancy” hardly sounds like a menu item, but if the English actor isn’t careful, he could ultimately become a delectable delicacy in the new TV series, Hannibal. Over 13-episodes, the show will delve into the seemingly normal life of Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) before he emerges as a notorious murderer. Dancy plays Will Graham, a troubled special consultant recruited by the FBI to profile, and hunt down, serial killers. To help cope with the unsettling and violent crimes he comes across, Will begins to see a highly-recommended psychologist… namely Hannibal Lecter.

During a tour of the Toronto set of Hannibal in March, Dancy sat down with a handful of press to discuss Will, what makes his character tick and those inevitably squeamish sequences.

Just to start, what was your interest in stepping into a television series? Obviously, Homeland has been a very successful endeavor for your wife, Claire Danes.
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