Kanye West Tells Ellen DeGeneres He Feels Like A 'Soldier of Culture'

Rapper will debut clip from 'Runaway' on Tuesday's episode of DeGeneres' talk show.

By Gil Kaufman

Kanye West on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Photo: Warner Bros.

When pop or movie stars screw up in public, their first bid to get out of celebrity jail is a cathartic interview with Oprah, Barbara or Larry.

But Kanye West refuses to play by the rules. On Tuesday (October 19), the "Runaway" Mc will stop by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" for his first sit-down chat since his notorious bum rush of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, according to a transcript of the chat released by the show on Monday night. Yeezy, who generally prefers to speak to his fans through his website — and, lately, Twitter — told Ellen what he's been up to and previewed a clip from the 35-minute experimental movie for "Runaway," which MTV and Bet will premiere in full on Saturday at 8 p.
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