Justin Bieber's friends throw raucous party while singer is out of town - report

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Justin Bieber's ritzy Calabasas neighborhood has been all over the news lately. There are reports of an altercation between the pop star and his neighbor, who claims Bieber drives like a maniac through the neighborhood and that Bieber spit in his face when he confronted the singer.

Now TMZ reports that while Bieber was out on tour last week, his friends -- led by Lil Twist, of traffic violation fame -- threw a raucous party on March 19.

Reportedly, there were dozens of people there, drinking beer and liquor, and smoking something out of a hookah. One party-goer tells TMZ she left around 2 a.m. and that the party was still growing strong, with music blasting and the smell of marijuana in the air.

However, TMZ is told none of the neighbors complained.

The above Instagram pic is allegedly of Twist at the party, posing in front of the Bob Marley
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