Mama (2013) Review

Reviewed by Jesse Miller,

Anything that has a “Guillermo Del Toro Presents…” tag above a film, be it horror or otherwise, I know I can get excited about because that man just has an eye for some bizarre and refreshingly original content and he hasn’t let me down yet.

Mama comes from the twisted minds of Andrés Muschietti and Bárbara Muschietti and is the result of Guillermo Del Toro discovering their 2008 short film Mamá and being so impressed by it that he helped the duo develop a feature film around the concept with bigger toys to play with in the sandbox.

I could begin this sentence by going into the plot and setting up the storyline for you all, but Mama is one of those horror films where you are best going into blind and discovering plot details for yourself and even beginning to describe how this
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