Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Romantic Golf Date — Report

Do Rob and Kristen like golfing at ‘Twilight’? Apparently so! A fan working at a golf course says the reunited couple arrived at March 26 for a round of 18 holes. How cool!

We know that Kristen Stewart likes a good game of baseball, and apparently she likes golfing too! The actress and her recently reunited boyfriend Robert Pattinson were allegedly seen at a Californian golf course on March 26, where they played golf at “super twilight” time. How funny!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Play Golf At Twilight Time

Kristen, 22, and Rob,26, may be finished playing vampires, but that doesn’t mean they are done with Twilight! A fan called Jeff Lewis allegedly spotted the couple at his golf course, and he tweeted about the sighting.

Kristen Stewart and Rob Patterson just came to my golf course at our “super twilight” time…. What does this mean?!?” tweeted Jeff, and when a fan questioned how serious he was,
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