The Collection Blu-Ray Review

I’ve got a strange, abusive relationship going on with the writing duo of Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan right now because while I blindly follow their horror adventures time and time again, I’m not always left a happy camper. Sure, efforts like Feast, a highlight reel of their work throughout the Saw series, and The Collector made the horror fan inside me squeal with joy, but then there are the films like Piranha 3Dd, the less appealing moments tainting their Saw series work, and the squandered opportunities of the other two Feast movies which knock their fans right back into a failed B-Movie reality. Hit and miss seriously describes the two to a tee, so when I walked into a theatrical viewing of The Collection back in 2012, you better believe I had no bloody idea what to expect.

The Collection is a straight follow-up to their indie “torture-porn” hit The Collector,
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