What does the future hold for DreamWorks Animation?

Feature Mark Harrison 25 Mar 2013 - 07:09

The Croods is the latest feature from DreamWorks Animation. But what does the future hold for the studio? Mark takes a look...

Arch your left eyebrow, for a moment. Good. Now, tilt your head to the side. I'll leave the smile up to you, but you must either smirk or give a big cheesy grin. You're now on your way to looking a lot like the DreamWorks Face, the expression that used to appear in pretty much every DreamWorks Animation film, usually on a talking animal of some description.

The thing is, in the past, all of DreamWorks' movies were comedies. It's since the studio has branched out into other genres, while retaining their sense of humour, that we've started sitting up and taking notice again.

For a while there, it looked like DreamWorks Animation had turned into the very corporate machine that it set out to lampoon: Disney.
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