The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.15 - This Sorrowful Life

Now that Andrea has been captured and both sides are gearing up for war, we can only guess who the casualties will be as no one is ever safe on this show, especially at the end of the season.

This penultimate episode, "This Sorrowful Life," was written by Scott Gimple and directed by Greg Nicotero.

Spoiler Alert: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from this episode. Continue only if you have already watched it.

Rick, Daryl and Hershel conferred outside on a plan to avoid fighting which Rick alone would implement. Inside, Rick confronted Merle about the plan to give up Michonne and Merle explained what the Governor would do to her, calling Rick cold-blooded. Even Merle, knowing his own sociopathic leanings, didn't think Rick would go through with that plan.

The group laid some obstacles
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