B-Sides: Scary Movies Require Popcorn

Anyone that knows me knows of my unapologetic love for the 1991 horror movie love note to b-movies that is Popcorn. Even its end credits song sings the praises of why we all go to the movies, hoping to be scared by monsters and maniacs, tarantulas and brainiacs…

Popcorn is a slasher movie William Castle would have loved. It's directed by Mark Herrier and stars Jill Schoelen, Tom Villard, and Dee Wallace-Stone. Film students running a b-movie film festival showing three not-so-classic fake movies of old (Mosquito!, Attack of the Amazing Electrified Man, and The Stench), each with its own built-in audience participation gimmick, fall victim to a theatrical maniac by means that tie in with the film’s gimmick.

Spoiler! I mean, how many movies can boast they feature not one, but two - Two - deaths by mosquito prop impalement?

Yeah, I heart this movie so much.

“Scary, Scary
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