Elle Fanning and five great young actors working now

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Picture yourself at the age of 13: you're likely obnoxious in a non-specific, unmalicious way; you are probably harbouring a heavy, full-on crush on either a schoolmate, out-of-reach celeb or platonic friend and your main focus in life revolves around not getting in trouble with your parents, avoiding being grounded, staying out of your older sibling's way and doing well at school. Elle Fanning would like a word with you.

The younger Fanning sister, Dakota is 19, filmed the Sally Potter (Yes, Orlando) drama Ginger & Rosa a year ago and at 13, manages to portray the angst of 17-year-old Ginger with an authenticity and ferociousness that seems absolutely at odds with the limited amount of time she's spent on this planet. And yet. Like a young Meryl, she is somehow able to access So Many swirling feelings that are integral to the teenage girl experience that she herself is only on the cusp of.
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