'Iron Man 3': Kevin Feige Says Tony Stark Is No Longer A Playboy

If Tony Stark was to describe himself to Steve Rogers in "Iron Man 3," he'd probably tweak his now-famous "genius billionaire playboy philanthropist" line to just "genius billionaire philanthropist." The man better known as Iron Man is happily settled down with Pepper Potts, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said things are going to stay that way.

"Well, Pepper, was always the most important relationship to Tony Stark in the comics," he told Two Kids and a Coupon. "A lot of the other characters don’t have that. The Marvel characters sort of do. Thor has the Natalie Portman character who continues into the next Thor film. So we do, you know, pull it all from the comics and that is what, what it was. It really was fun to us in the beginning of 'Iron Man 1.'"

He continued, "The chemistry between Robert [Downey Jr.] and Gwyneth [Paltrow] is spectacular. And,
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