FreddieW's 'Metal Gear Sunrising' Shows Raiden's Routine

Start your day off with a ninja merc starting his day. This "American Psycho" riff imagines the morning regimen for "Metal Gear Rising Revengeance" cyborg ninja Raiden.

Borrowing lines liberally from Brett Easton Ellison's novel of 80's yuppie narcissism run amok, the slickly-produced (and very funny) video shows how (among other things) Raiden keeps his metal exterior so shiny.

The video was published via the FreddieW Youtube channel and created by Brandon Laatsch (director of the web series "Video Game High School"). Actor Eric Linden plays Raiden, and maybe the funniest detail in the whole thing is that they had to find a t-shirt and slacks to fit over Raiden's chassis.

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