Morning Brew: Batwoman has a bright future, Jillian Michales walks back her hard-ass philosophy

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Good morning, Brewbies!

Good news: Comic Book Resources ran an interview with Batwoman writer/artist J.H. Williams yesterday, in which he said that our favorite lesbian superhero has a long future ahead of her, one that will include her girlfriend, Detective Maggie Sawyer:

Haden and I are super excited over this new direction for Kate and Maggie. We love that Kate did the proposal and revealed herself to be Batwoman all at once. It's like she is saying to Maggie, "You want to know what I've been doing, who I am, this is who I am, will you still love me?" We're planning this to be a prolonged story. The couple has a lot of issues to work out between them, and they both have baggage from other relationships that they bring to the table. It's not going to be easy. This is the
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