Status Update on Future Scream Factory Titles, Including The Fog and Day of the Dead

Scream Factory hit the ground running late last year with the Blu-ray/DVD release of Halloween II and III, and hasn’t stopped since. We’ve been seeing a steady supply of classic horror titles released to Blu-ray and DVD, but they have many more on the way. Here’s a status update from Scream Factory on what titles are planned for release this year and when we can expect them.

There are no official street dates yet, but they have announced the following target release windows for their upcoming titles: The Fog (Summer), The Incredible Melting Man (Summer), Hospital Massacre (Late Summer), Day of the Dead (Fall), Scanners II & III (Fall), Night of the Comet (Late Fall), The Horror Show (Late Fall), The Vagrant (Late Fall), Schizoid (Late Fall), The Godsend (Late Fall).

Of course, all of this is subject to change, and there’s also the possibility that
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