'Alien' Prequel May Star Natalie Portman and Be PG-13

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Just a few weeks ago, the interwebs were abuzz over the news that Ridley Scott's planned 'Alien' prequel was going to be a "really nasty" hard "R" and star the lovely Gemma Arterton. Now, Vulture has an update on the still-untitled production and a few things have apparently changed -- namely that the studio is hoping for a PG-13 rating and that Natalie Portman is now at the top of the Wish List for the lead role, a Colonial Marine general who will encounter the nasty Xenomorphs 35 years before the events of the first 'Alien' film.

Naturally, any further details are wrapped up tighter than a metaphor for how tightly things can be wrapped up, but with a production that fans of the series seem to be anticipating and dreading in equal measure, every little detail must be examined and agonized over.
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