Iron Man 3: 10 Reasons Why It Should Be The Final Entry

First off, if you haven’t watched the trailer to Iron Man 3 yet, you need to go here and do so immediately. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Have you seen it? Are you going back to watch it again? It’s that good, isn’t it?

Iron Man 3 has officially blown the doors off of Summer 2013, just like The Avengers did back in 2012, and pretty much every other Summer Marvel movie before it. But this one seems different, and it seems like something special. Shane Black’s Marvel debut seems to have a finality to it in the trailer, as we see Tony Stark facing his greatest challenge: dealing with the events of The Avengers. Through this lens, we see him contemplate mortality, anxiety at the prospect of losing the ones that he loves, and overall growth from the selfish billionaire playboy we saw on the screen not too long ago.

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