Meme: Kellan Lutz' Rubdown, Cheyenne Jackson Replaces Sean Hayes In "6 Dances," and Rebel Wilson Straddles Channing Tatum For MTV

In his new film Java Heat, Kellan Lutz does bare-chested pull-ups from the ceiling, no-feet pushups, then decides to get a Thai massage, baring his perfectly sculpted behind in these Nsfw shots. Sadly, when he flips over, there's a man blocking the shot just perfectly. The director should be fired.

In what has to be the funniest news to come out of Vatican City in a while, the Vatican bought a share in a giant Roman apartment block that just happens to house the largest gay men's sauna in Europe. The priests will have a short commute.

Third place The X Factor finalist Christopher Maloney has come out as gay. ”Do you know what, I’m going to admit it – yeah. Honestly, I’ve never denied it or anything like that. It’s just that with the show it was always an inappropriate time or people just asked inappropriate questions.
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