Naked Soldier (2012) Movie Review

Back in the crazy heyday of Hong Kong cinema, the word ‘naked’ used to appear in film titles a lot, particularly in those produced by schlockmeister Wong Jing. Notable examples of this were cult favourites “Naked Killer” (1992) and “Naked Weapon” (2002), two films revolving around sexy, scantily clad (or indeed naked) female assassins, with plenty of blood and bullets thrown in. Forming a loose series of sorts, the two have now been joined by “Naked Soldier”, again with Wong Jing as producer, and directed by Marco Mak (“Wo Hu”), with industry legend Sammo Hung on hand, backed by the expected bevy of limber beauties, including up and coming actress Jennifer Tse (sister of Nicholas Tse, and who also recently appeared in “Hong Kong Ghost Stories”) in the title role. The film kicks off in 1980 with Sammo as Interpol agent Lung, taking a trip to the states after successfully pulling off a massive drugs bust.
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