An Exhibition into "Exhibit A-7" (Plot and Crew Details, Trailer)

Robert Pralgo ("The Vampire Diaries", "Army Wives"), Vanelle ("Survival", "Psycho Holocaust"), Courtney Hogan ("Keepsake", "The Feeding"), Adam Minarovich ("Chop", "Dozers") star in Exhibit A-7. Exhibit A-7, written and directed by Adam Minarovich follows two couples on a trip to New Orleans to celebrate one of the couples five year anniversary, but instead find themselves stalked, captured, and tortured by group of masked killers who record the crime on the victims home video camera.

The film also stars James Furey, Ian C. King, Garrett Williams, and Kevin Woods.

Producing Exhibit A-7 is Coleman Lannum, Kevin Woods, Robert Pralgo and Adam Minarovich

No official release date has been posted yet, but the film has been making the film circuit scene and will continue to do so in November.

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