Comedown DVD Review

Director: Menhaj Huda

Starring: Jacob Anderson, Sophie Stuckey, Adam Deacon, Jessica Barden, Calum MacNab, Duane Henry, Geoff Bell,

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Certificate: 15

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Extended Interviews

‘From The Director Of Kidulthood’ aren’t exactly a set of words that inspire confidence when approaching a film. This is yet another British take on a well-worn genre that adds very little to rules and events set out many years before. Comedown sees a group of youths trapped inside a derelict tower block who get taken out of the equation one by one.

The film begins like a spiritual successor to Kidulthood. We are introduced to a bunch of incredibly unlikable characters that seem hell bent on having us hate them. Possibly a technique used to make the kills more gratifying later on, it also serves as a distancing device as we try our hardest to connect with these characters.

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