Reel Ink #2 Part 1 – March 2013

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The first part of my first ‘Reel Ink’ of 2013 is a bit of a catch up, as this instalment of the column features books which were all published in 2012.

Reel Ink #2 Part 1 includes the autobiography of a member of a Hollywood dynasty, a look at the city of Los Angeles within the context of the film industry’s role in its history and the evolution of the city’s image, and an examination of how politics and social and cultural agendas impacted and shaped ‘70s American cinema.


Tom Mankiewicz was a true scion of whatever it is that passes for Hollywood royalty; his father was Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter Joseph L. Mankiewicz (A Letter To Three Wives, All About Eve, Cleopatra) and his uncle Herman Mankiewicz was the co-writer of Citizen Kane. While nowhere near as well-known as his illustrious relatives, Mankiewicz’s posthumously published autobiography My Life As
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