Prepare for a Grimm Return With Featurettes and a Clip

We’ve been whining about shows that have been away for a long time, and celebrating their return this month. Fortunately the whining will cease for one of those shows this Friday night, as Grimm finally airs its midseason premiere. The first half of Season 2 was great, and it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens with the Nick/Juliet/Renard situation.

Here is a clip from the upcoming episode that really is more of a refresher than a spoiler, as well as some cast interviews about the rather tense situation that will apparently be key in the premiere.

Clip: GrimmFace Off Preview: Rosalee’s Return

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Rosalee’s aunt being sick was the show’s way of having Bree Turner away on maternity leave. Congratulations to Ms. Turner! Welcome back!

Featurette: GrimmFace Off: David Giuntoli Interview

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