But What Are You Doing Walking Around Like This in Public, Courtney Stodden?

  • TooFab
While some people might notice Courtney Stodden's biggest assets (which are located in the region of her bra top, in case you needed it all spelled out), I, on the other hand, noticed the most important feature of this picture: the fact that Courtney Stodden is wearing shoes that encase her foot in its entirety, and more importantly, shoes that aren't eight-inch Lucite stripper heels. This is apparently what girlfriend envisions when she hears "fitness wear," and while I won't begrudge her those pants - because duh, yoga pants - the bra top and exposed midriff (and, you know, décolletage ... hipbones ... all that, really) is rather confusing. Or maybe misleading. But maybe I should also not look a gift-horse in the mouth, because after all, she could be looking like this on her morning jog: Thank God for small favors, am I right?-Sarah Taylor Read more
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