My Soul To Take review

Wes Craven, what happened? Ron checks out My Soul To Take, and finds that he appears to have made a Scream clone, with terrible 3D...

Wes Craven in the third dimension? You're telling me he didn't jump on this bandwagon back in the 80s when it returned with a vengeance back when it first made its comeback? He waited until the second time around to hop on everyone's favorite 1950s movie gimmick? Well, if you say so.

Sixteen years ago, a schizophrenic serial killer dubbed the Riverton Ripper terrorized a small town in Massachusetts. He killed several people with a signature fold-out knife, including his wife. He's about to kill his daughter when the police finally intervene, tipped off by the Ripper's psychiatrist and one of the good personalities. They gun the killer down, but like all movie killers, he has a nasty habit of coming back to life because
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