5 James Bond Themes That Almost Were

At the 2013 Oscar Ceremony, Bond girl Halle Berry introduced the montage of homage made to honor 50 years of 007, calling the music in the films, “a genre all its own.”

While a very nice thing to say, she may have been more right than she realized. Through the classic riff played by Vic Flick in Dr. No, the power pop of Shirley Bassey in Goldfinger, and Tom Jones’ booming performance of Thunderball, James Bond music definitely has a unique sound. It’s easy to tell when the Bond theme is being parodied or recycled in other forms of music.

However, there are only twenty-three Bond films (25 including the Non-Eon rogue films) and even fewer themes to define this so-called “genre.” Or is there?

James Bond is a legacy that everyone wants to be part of. So it comes as no surprise that for every Bond film song that got picked, there

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