Robert Downey Jr. Talks About Shooting Hud Scenes For ‘Iron Man 3′

Yahoo! interviewed Robert Downey Jr. about his Ironman role, during which he revealed how irritable the Hud scenes (heads-up display) can be.

Downey Jr. said:

“When you do the Hud work, usually it’s kind of the last thing in the schedule and you’re going back and essentially living the movie again in close-up, tired.”

These types of scenes can be particularly difficult because the actor is isolated from the rest of the cast and left to interact with nothing but a green screen.

He did mention one of the perks of these kinds of shots however:

“We had the luxury of being efficient enough to sometimes say, ‘Stop, stop. Wait a second. Let’s not just shoot these next 20 lines. Let’s look at the scene and how can we make it a little better or different.’”


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