Léos Carax talks about Holy Motors

On a chilly rainy evening on Tuesday, February 26, at the French Institute Alliance Française in New York City as part of their series When Boy Meets Girl: The Cinema of Léos Carax, the filmmaker's first Us retrospective, Carax came for a Q&A with Richard Brody, film critic for The New Yorker. Following a screening of Holy Motors, the two men conversed on stage, dressed in coats of brown and grey, sunglasses and beard covering the top and bottom half of their respective faces respectively, resembling Samuel Beckett characters not waiting for Godot.

Brody almost started with the beginning.

Richard Brody: You had written as a critic for a little while at Cahiers Du Cinéma?

Léos Carax: A very little while. I was not a critic. I wrote a few things, but it was not my thing.

Rb: Were you a cinephile growing up, watching lots and lots of movies?
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