‘Deception’ Preview Video: Joanna & Will Fight About Julian — Watch

Joanna meets with Will to talk business, but their little chat quickly turns personal — and ugly!

Joanna (Meagan Good) and Will (Laz Alonso) may be working together to expose the Bowers, but in HollywoodLife.com‘s exclusive clip from the March 4 episode of Deception, they seem more like bitter enemies! Not only does Will tell Joanna to stay close to Robert (Victor Garber), even though she’s afraid the Bowers patriarch will kill her at any minute, but he also implies she’s letting her feelings for Julian (Wes Brown) cloud her judgment. Actually, it’s less of an implication and more of a straight-up accusation.

Needless to say, this sudden turn in the conversation doesn’t sit well with Joanna. After attempting — and failing — to argue back, she resorts to Plan B: telling Will to screw himself, then storming off.

Nice, Joanna. Real nice.

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