Kristen Stewart Reveals She Wants More Racy Roles

Now that K-Stew’s done with ‘Twilight,’ she says she’s done playing teenybopper roles! Keep reading to see what kind of sexy new challenges Kristen wants to take on.

You could argue that Kristen Stewart has always played it safe in her movie roles. But she’s officially over that.

Kristen Stewart Wants To ‘Dig Deeper’

The Twilight megastar tells Us Weekly that her post-Bella Swan roles are going to take more chances and challenge her as an actress.

“I want to dig a little deeper,” Kristen says. She explains that throughout her career she’s always played characters that were more or less close to her own personality.

“I’ve played parts that are similar to me because I’m young,” Kristen explains. “I wanted to explore things that were [closer] to me.”

But that was then — Kristen is ready for new challenges.

K-Stew Is Already Challenging Herself

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