Ed Harris Stars in Phantom, "Inspired" by "Actual" "Events"

Ed Harris Stars in Phantom,
Submarine movies are made out of claustrophobia, silent crewmen listening for enemy pings, and usually a bad guy whose personality is way too big for the boat. The conventions are so fixed that you'd expect Variety's clubby slanguage glossary to provide an obnoxious term for the genre. Ping opera? Sonario? To put it in that rag's clipped, annoying parlance, Todd Robinson helms sub melodrama Phantom, toplined by Ed Harris as Soviet navy captain Demi (sorry). Demi is abruptly transferred from his nuclear sub to command a classified mission aboard an aging diesel vessel. The film nixes Russian accents in favor of aud rapport (dude, sorry), and Robinson's screenplay ("inspired" by "actual" "events") is informed by Cold War conspiracy theories. Rogue Kgb agent Bruni (David Duc...
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