Travis Richey -The Inspector- cast in ‘The Dark Place’

Blue Seraph Productions announced that Travis Richey (Pretty Little Liars) will join the cast of The Dark Place, the mystery-thriller written by Jody Wheeler and to be helmed by Judas Kiss director J.T. Tepnapa.

Richey is famous for his brief turn as Inspector Spacetime -a running gag on the critically underrated NBC comedy series Community- that inspired (after NBC and Sony sort of said, “Yeah, no”) him and writing partner Eric Loya to create Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. That web series was a huge success (hailed by USA Today as one of the Best TV on the Web in 2012) and the people that made it are now preparing to begin production on Season Two.

They’re also working on a “prequel” episode that will bridge the gap between season one and two, and you can visit their Kickstarter campaign to learn how you can help.
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