Rapper Lil Poopy’s Father Being Charged After Booty Slapping Video

Lil Poopy is just another booty-slappin’, bad mouthin’ rapper — except for the fact that he is only nine years old, and his dad happens to be getting charged with child abuse because of his scandalous music video! Watch the shocking video.

With YouTube, everyone can be a rapper and become a hit, but that doesn’t always mean that they should! Pint-sized rapper Lil Poopy, 9, can be seen hitting a young lady’s derriere and rapping about guns and drugs — and his dad Luis Rivera happens to think it’s just fine. But Massachusetts police think otherwise, and filed a complaint with child welfare.

Lil Poopy (real name is Luie Rivera Jr.) signed with rapper French Montana, and lives with his family in Massachusetts. Lil Poopy’s dad Luis is being charged with child abuse and neglect, but Luis thinks what his son is doing is completely okay and likens
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