'Dallas': Sue Ellen Makes A Power Play For Ewing Energies

'Dallas': Sue Ellen Makes A Power Play For Ewing Energies
Things certainly got tense on "Dallas" this week, and it wasn't the standoff at gunpoint that went down at Southfork that had the biggest sparks. It was Sue Ellen using a loophole in her contract with Elena that allowed her to sieze Elena's shares of Ewing Energies.

It was all orchestrated by John Ross, who helped facilitate Elena's breach of that clause in the contract. When she showed up to face a confrontation by Bobby over her double-cross, it just happened to be the moment that one of John Ross' former business associates showed up to get what was owed him.

In the end, he was gunned down, but Bobby hoped that the joint family trauma would help Sue Ellen realize that their children were simply repeating the feud that's always come between Bobby and J.R. Of course, J.R. helped cement the deal by setting up a
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