'Runner2' Storms on Xbla, Psn, Steam, and Wii U on Feb. 26, Gaijin Games Releases Trailer to Celebrate

By Joseph Leray

In anticipation for the impending release of “Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien” -- impending as in tomorrow -- Gaijin Games have released a new trailer to drum up one last burst of frothy excitement.

The first “Runner” was part of the original “Bit. Trip” series that started winning hearts and minds on WiiWare a few years ago, marrying rhythm and platforming mechanics with a purposefully stripped down 8-bit visual style. The basic mechanics seem similar in “Runner2” -- Commander Video is still running, jumping, and sliding -- but the series’ aesthetic has seen a major overhaul.

“The style change up … a little bit of it was story-driven. A little bit of it was, we were working on ‘Bit. Trip’ for so many years that we wanted to expand our wings a little bit,” explained Mike Roush, co-founder of Gaijin Games in an interview.
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