Seth MacFarlane Sings About Kristen Stewart’s Boobs In Oscars Opening

The 2013 Academy Awards turned out to be a very big night for Kristen — and her boobs!

Seth MacFarlane‘s opening extravaganza during the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 24 had it all: vaguely offensive sock puppets; some impressive, albeit fully clothed, dancing from Channing Tatum; and, of course, one super-hot make-out session with Sally Field. But there was one element that rose above the rest to quickly become our favorite: Kristen Stewart‘s boobs!

Yes, K-Stew’s twins totally got name checked during Seth’s original song “We Saw Your Boobs,” in which the Family Guy creator sang — beautifully, I might add — about all the A-list ladies that have bared all on film.

Kristen went topless in 2012′s On The Road, a film which found her playing free-spirited Marylou, alongside Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund. It was a decidedly racier role for the Twilight star, and while it may not
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