ABC's 'Gothica' Adds Frankenstein and Dorian Gray

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ABC's 'Gothica' Adds Frankenstein and Dorian Gray
ABC is giving the supernatural another go. Last season's 666 Park Avenue died a quick death, and I suspect this month's kinda-sorta genre entry Zero Hour will face the same fate. But for this pilot season, ABC is trying something that is more in their wheelhouse: a gothic soap. Hey, it worked for Dark Shadows.

Gothica is set in the modern day, but weaves together the mythologies of classic literary monsters, including Victor Frankenstein, Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, and Dorian Gray.

Tom Ellis (The Fades, Merlin) has been cast as Victor Frankenstein, who runs a hospital with a biotech research department which Dr. Frankenstein uses to develop a way to bring his recently deceased daughter back to life. Victor was once romantically involved with Grace Van Helsing.

Chris Egan (Resident Evil: Extinction) joins the cast as Dorian Gray, a wealthy playboy who invests in Van Helsing's newspaper. 

Source: Deadline
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