Web Series: The Oligarch Duplicity

The Oligarch Duplicity, a spy-thriller set in Europe and was shot in forty locations throughout Connecticut, is now in its third episode. Bill Rock, long-time announcer for NBC, leads off the show stating, “Kathryn Bale is a famous reporter. Secretly, her twin handles the dangerous assignments. Now, her twin has gone missing.”

The story follows Kathryn Bale has she tries to track down her missing sister. After getting abducted in Rome, her newspaper publisher must help. But, he’s dealing with problems of his own. The warehouse containing the printing press just exploded. Adding insult to injury, the local television reporter has just shown up to report about the incident and discovers that Kathryn has gone missing. Explosions, abductions, and chase scenes, this spy-thriller comes complete with its own cryptic villain known only as The Oligarch.

Starring Kathryn Fumie as the protagonist, production company Saxon Mills tapped local stage regulars
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