The Hardest Part of Making Oz The Great And Powerful

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Making a prequel to one of the world's most beloved movies is a daunting task, but Oz the Great and Powerful producer Joe Roth says the hardest part was getting the actors on the same schedule! "In putting the cast together, my objective was trying to get the most popular actors of the day, which is a good idea except they're always working!" Roth laid out his challenge saying that Joey King ("China Doll") is on a TV show, James Franco ("Oz")  always has "seven jobs at a time," Mila Kunis ("Theodora") is "one of the most popular actresses of our time" not to mention Michelle Williams ("Glinda") and Rachel Weisz ("Evanora")! 

As far as taking on precious, beloved material, Roth says, "The film was incredibly challenging," he says, pointing out that 1939's The Wizard of Oz, is "the most popular movie ever made and the movie most people have seen.
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