Movie Review - What Richard Did (2013)

What Richard Did, 2012.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson

Starring Jack Reynor, Roisin Murphy, Sam Keeley and Lars Mikkelsen


An ambitious 6th-form student's life is changed when a night out ends in tragedy.

'What Richard Did' is a loaded title. It's in the past tense. It makes everything before the 'act' feel similarly long gone. Like a document, or an inquiry, or a tabloid headline. It presupposes a tragedy. So it's a testament to Lenny Abrahamson's direction how fun the opening half hour is.

Richard (Jack Reynor) and his friends talk like real sixteen-year-olds. Or at least, how you imagined you talked when you were their age. They have an effortless banter, one that's entirely naturalistic, as though improvised on set. Richard even manages a drunken "you know what, this ain't gay, but I'd speak to you guys about anything." There's a youthful optimism and hope to their camaraderie.
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