You Can Now Buy the Cooler Hoverboard from 'Back to the Future II': Griff's "Pit Bull"

Back to the Future nerds everywhere have gone a little nutty in recent years with news that we're inching closer to the hoverboard technology featured in Back to the Future II. Not only that, but Mattel just recently put out a knock-off toy version of Marty's hoverboard from the movie (for the ridiculous price of $140, no less), and so those Bttf fanboys have something to obsess over while they wait for either a real hoverboard to come along or for Nike to finally perfect the self-lacing shoes we're all dying to own. In the meantime, while fans endlessly complain about Mattel's crummy hoverboard toy, the more exciting hoverboard from the Back to the Future sequel is now on sale over on eBay for the much more reasonable price of $13,000. Oh c'mon! We're of...

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